What We Do

We blend best-in-class technology and data to operate one of the most dynamic customer acquisition platforms. Our proprietary products provide high value to brands across multiple consumer verticals.

Performance User Marketing Platform (PUMP)

Our Performance User Marketing Platform (PUMP) enables marketers to attract consumers in a privacy-conscious ecosystem and encourages prospective customers to take action at scale.

Designed To Meet Your Goals

PUMP’s proprietary technology, insightful data, and auctioning technology enable large-scale customer acquisition.


Operating across 130+ advertiser verticals, ranging from lifestyle to business and health.

Real Time Insights

Real-time insights to understand audience metrics and optimize subsequent targeting.

Leading ROAS

Defining core metrics and experimenting to reach beyond the expected KPIs.

Multilayer Audience Targeting

Reaching the right audience at the right moment to drive better results.

Our Brands

Our publishing sites cover a wide range of topics including recruitment, business, travel, automotive and lifestyle, reaching approximately 300 million unique visitors every month.

Revolutionizing the world of online recruitment, Receptix is the pioneer in Programmatic Job Advertising

Jnee brings together employers and job seekers under one roof through its data-driven Programmatic Recruitment Solution

Xpollo accelerates brand awareness by generating relevant and useful content through its proprietary search engine

New generation magazine to entertain, educate and empower millennials on the go!

Our Commitment To Privacy

At Plunic, we are firm believers that every individual has the right to exercise control over their own data, safeguard their privacy, and remain secure when interacting with the internet. As part of our contextual and holistic approach to privacy, we strive to enhance the user experience without compromising privacy.